Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prop 19 debate

A small excerpt: as far as the IDs you'd have quite the disgruntled group of kids who didn't get the first batch lol...

i agree that rehab is the better option than jail but again it needs to be enforced and thus illegal... i'm not saying you arrest someone for doing drugs they go straight to jail.. but if you don't arrest them they go right back to using and will never get to rehab... arrest and force rehab... you use murder as an example.. sure some people know what they are doing.. but what about pleading insanity... someone considered insane like that doesn't go to jail they go to a mental institution... but they still need to be arrested first to be sent there... again if using is perfectly legal there is no way to force people to rehab and thus the people can't be helped...

on a side note... you wouldn't be to happy if you were walking your 4 year old home from his school and happen to walk past a heroine addict on the way... sure its not as bad as having an axe murderer walking down the road but its still a sight i think most of society wouldn't like to see...

That's just what you'll see at this exciting debate about marijuana legalization:


  1. not sure you've changed my mind any.

  2. Prop 19 does bring out a serious debate... I'm still thinking about it

  3. I think rehab is better than jail. Rehab re-trains people to live without drugs, where as jail is just like going cold turkey for a long time and they won't learning anything. Maybe a mix of the both is the best way to deal with it?